Chromebook - Microphone Gain Settings

There is a microphone gain feature in the Chromebook. This should be the first setting to check before a problem is escalated.

After logging in to the device and allowing it to completely boot, mouse down to the bottom, right-hand corner of the screen where the time and network connectivity is. Left-click on that area. It will open a box with additional options, etc.

In this box, there is a line for speaker volume. On the far right of this speaker volume line is an arrow (greater-than sign). Left-click the arrow.

This will change the box to an "Audio Settings" box. Under the "Input" area of this box is a Microphone (internal) option with a Mute button on the left and a volume bar on the right.

Be certain the Mute button is NOT activated as a muted microphone blocks sound (be certain the Mute is off). Also, slide the volume level, or adjust this slider to your preferred sound level setting.

Once you have this setup correctly, enter another Zoom meeting and test your results. It is possible the class may feel the student is too loud, but this is okay as you can modify how loud she is with this microphone volume (gain) adjustment slider to the appropriate levels.  A microphone gain setting that is too high will be louder and may have various forms of sound distortion.  This is often disturbing to others attending the Zoom meeting.

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