Hotspot - Sprint Coolpad Performance

The Sprint Coolpad hotspot is basically a cell phone that is configured as a hotspot.  A hotspot is a cellular phone that is acting as a wireless router providing wireless network to local devices for routing data to and from the Internet.

This device has a 10 Gb data cap revolving on a 30 day period.  Once the cumulative data transfer reaches 10Gb of data in a 30 day time period, the Sprint Coolpad will throttle or slow the maximum throughput of data down to merely 256Kbps of bandwidth. This will dramatically affect and impair the cababilities of the device as a source for Internet connectivity.

At the 256Kbps speeds, video sessions will become less viable and consideration of audio only Zoom sessions should be inacted (Zoom likes to use 1+ Mbps for download speeds and 800+ Kbps for upload speeds).  Disabling HD options or the Touch Up My Appearance setting will decrease the amount of bandwidth your video connection requires (and the overhead on your system’s hardware), but this will still require speeds much beyond the throttled amount.  

Realistically, any other activity utilizing the throttled hotspot should be stopped, providing the student with full use of the limited bandwidth available for the low bandwidth applications such as email.

The reset of the 30 day period for each particular device is unique, but can be determined by the staff managing the device. The higher bandwidth speed will return when the 30 day period resets until a point where the cap is reached, again.

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